Hey, this is Edward. Rising sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University and software engineering intern at Belvedere Trading. I have an immense interest in all things theoretical computer science, stemming from my love for competitive programming since high school. You can check out some of my profiles on various websites, such as DMOJ or Codeforces. I’ve been creating many competitive programming problems on DMOJ as a member of the DMOPC committee for over two years now, and I’d love if you are interested in trying some of them out! Here’s one of my personal favourites: Ace of Diamonds. More recently, I have also authored a problem for my national olympiad as well as the hardest problem at the 2023 European Girls’ Olympiad in Informatics.

Outside of doing nerdy things, I also enjoy watching anime and playing rhythm games (specifically プロジェクトセカイ カラフルステージ! feat. 初音ミク). I’ve been learning Japanese for the past 3 years now, and it’s introduced me to the lovely feeling of making progress and getting nowhere at the same time. During my off-time, I enjoy getting destroyed in playing chess and Riichi Mahjong with my friends. I’ve also picked up ping pong again after meeting some cool (and really strong) people to play with at CMU. My music taste was completely dominated by ZUTOMAYO for a solid year and a half, but now I’m starting to explore other J-pop and Vocaloid artists as well. After learning the basics of Chinese yo-yo at CMU, I have been hard at work trying to improve my vertax skills, mostly focusing on making my vertax genocides more consistent (I promise it’s not as morbid as they’ve named it!).

Feel free to hit me up on Discord at 4fecta and let’s chat!