Hey, this is Edward. Sophomore at the University of Toronto Schools. I don’t think my English vocabulary is large enough to describe my passion for mathematics and programming. Whether it’s the feeling of finally working out the key steps to a complex mathematical proof, or designing the various intricacies of sophisticated algorithms, I simply can’t get enough of it. You can check out some of my profiles on various websites, such as DMOJ or Codeforces. I also enjoy crafting up various problems and challenges in both math and programming, and I truly hope my creations are able to inspire some fun and challenging thinking for whoever they may entertain. A lot of my algorithmic creations are hosted on DMOJ, and I will share any miscellaneous problems in my blog.

Outside of doing nerdy things, I also enjoy watching anime, and I’ve been working on learning the Japanese language to eventually be able to read light novels (maybe that’s nerdy too, but it should be known that the best plot of many series are hidden behind untranslated pages of Japanese text 😛). Chess is a fun game too. My music taste has been completely dominated by Ado, so there’s that I guess.

Man I love writing About pages.